communion“Emsworth U.P Church has given our family a true sense of belonging. We have made wonderful friends – gifts from God.”
Nancy Mehalic
Member since 1986

“Our church is full of Christ’s love. It always makes me feel better to come and join in the fellowship of the Lord’s people here.”
Jon Stellfox
Member since 1969

“Emsworth U.P. Church is a friendly church full of people who care about one another and the world around them.”
Elsa Dickson
Member since 1947

“I like Emsworth U.P. church because it has a friendly congregation, showing Christ’s love, showing an interest in each others joys or problems, and wanting to help if needed. One big family.”
Marion W. Ravenstahl
Member since 1918

“I like the other members so much; they are supportive at all times. I believe this attitude comes from the messages we receive from our Minister and from his guidance through biblical teaching”
Margie Williams
“As a member of the Emsworth U.P Church since childhood until the present, I have felt that I was part of God’s Family in this Church.”
Betty Jane Robertson
Age 84

“What I like best about Emsworth U.P. Church is the people. Everyone is very friendly and outgoing; they really go out of their way to make someone feel welcome.”
Keith Mihelcic
Age 29

“I enjoy the services with the Pastor. I like the size of the congregation, because I feel I can get to know everyone.
Justin Marshall
Age 17

“I like how close the congregation is to one another and how welcoming everyone is.”
Bethany Booth
Age 17

“I like that there is a Sunday school for bigger kids and littler kids. Also we get to do a Mini Message.”
John Shaheen
Age 12

“What I like most about our church is the teachers because they are very nice and teach us about God! Especially Mrs. Downs.”
Mark Shaheen
Age 12