Upcoming Ecumenical Events

Our partners at the Christian Associates of Western Pennsylvania are supporting the following exciting ecumenical events: Urban League Sunday www.ulpgh.org Sunday, Feb. 10, 3:30-6pm Ebenezer Baptist Church, 2001 Wylie Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 Each year, the Urban League celebrates with its religious partners in recognition of the common goals that are shared in providing spiritual, … [Read more...]

Wanted: Empty milk jugs

As many of you know, we’re starting a weekly functional fitness class on September 17 with coaches Matthew Becker and Jennifer Griener from Industrial Athletics CrossFit. This class has been developed to help build the strength, balance, and mobility that are vital to staying active and healthy as we age. We are in need of your (empty and washed) gallon and half gallon milk jugs for this class. … [Read more...]