About South Sudan

On Tuesday evening last week, our brother Rev. Ben Waigo shared with us some background on the situation in South Sudan. We have been traveling with 4 ministers from South Sudan for the trip and the voice they have added to the conversations is priceless.  South Sudan is a pretty new country, having only gained independence from Sudan in 2011. It is a complicated country that is hard to sum up … [Read more...]

Rwanda: Day 10

On Thursday, we wrapped up our Bible study with Genesis 46:5-7. This facilitated a conversation about if Joseph and his family we reconciled. We agreed that the story doesn’t end in Genesis 46. Just like the story continues in Rwanda, the path to reconciliation has begun, but the work is not finished. We also talked about the relationship between reconciliation and healing. Another interesting … [Read more...]

Rwanda: Day 9

Wednesday, we started off the day with Genesis 45:16-24. In this passage, Joseph’s brothers are sent back to Israel to get their father and all the family and servants and everything and move them back to Egypt. I’d never thought before about what the brothers told their father when they got back to get him. Did they admit what they had done? How did they explain Joseph being alive?  We also … [Read more...]

Rwanda: Day 8

I realize I’m several days behind on blog posts. The second week of the trip was full and busy. I will continue to post a blog post for each day of the trip, but they will be less prompt.  Monday, we spent most of the day on a bumpy bus traveling from Butare to Kibuye, which is on Lake Kivu. If you’re wondering how bumpy “bumpy” is, my Apple Watch logged over 13,000 steps (more than 5 miles of … [Read more...]

Rwanda: Day 7

From Elder Martha (St. Andrew’s): Today's travels began with an "interesting" bus ride to Cyegera and Kirinda, to visit with women's craft groups.  I should explain that the bus is a 25 passenger van.  So far, we've had 2 flat tires and a roof leak, but it did get us to our next destination. We met with a group of genocide widows who have formed a craft group.  This is an opportunity to … [Read more...]

Rwanda: Day 6

This morning, there was no Bible study. Instead, we went to church. As we walked into the service this morning at precisely 9am (the worship service start time), the dancing was already in swing. We were told that churches in Rwanda are no longer allowed to have dirt floors because the dancing kicked up too much dirt. Our Mission coworker, Kay, said, “It gave a whole new meaning to the phrase, … [Read more...]

Rwanda: Day 5

This morning, I watched the sun rise over the hills of Rwanda. It was one of the most breathtaking things I’ve seen in a long time. It was a perfect way to start the day. At breakfast, I sat with a new friend, Lydia. Lydia is one of our partners from South Sudan who is traveling with us. She and I shared stories about and pictures of our kids and as we walked together to our morning Bible study, I … [Read more...]

Rwanda: Day 4

Morning Bible Study We looked today at Genesis 39:7-20. This is the part in Joseph’s story in which Potiphar’s wife frames him for rape and Joseph lands in prison. Once again, Joseph is the center figure in a staged crime involving his clothing. Here he is, this attractive young man with smarts, management skills - the works. He has values and sticks to them. He will do the right thing seven when … [Read more...]

Rwanda Day 3

Bible Study In Bible study, we talked today about Genesis 37:25-36. This is the second part of the narrative in which Joseph’s brothers sell him. In the Rwandan genocide, many church leaders remained quiet and some even revealed the locations of their Tutsi congregants to those seeking to murder them. This morning, we reflected on how Joseph’s brothers literally sold him and considered if the … [Read more...]

Rwanda: Day 2

Morning Bible Study Paula opened our day in morning Bible study with Genesis 37:12-24. This is the first part of the narrative in which Joseph is sold by his brothers. In this passage, his brothers act on their jealousy. We spent some extra time talking about Reuben and his motivations for talking the brothers into throwing Joseph into the well. Was he trying to cover his own butt? A guilty … [Read more...]