How to Get in Touch with the Pastor

One of the logistical issues I've discovered is inherent in pastoring two partnered churches is that sometimes it can be hard for you all to know when and how to get in touch with me. Sometimes, there is a perception that I'm too busy to bother. While it's true I'm usually pretty busy, it's also true that any of my administrative duties, sermon writing, reading, project planning, and session … [Read more...]

Emsworth and St. Andrew’s UP Churches Outdoor Worship and Church Picnic

Don't forget that on Sunday, July 15th, we will not be worshiping inside the church buildings at our regular times, but we will be worshiping outside and sharing a meal together afterward. Time: 10:30 AM Address: "The Soggy Bottom" at 124 Fern Hollow Road, Sewickley, PA 15143 Bring: a side dish or dessert (the church elders will provide the main dish and beverages) Because we'll be outside … [Read more...]

First Lunch with the Pastor was a ton of fun!

I can't take any credit for what happened today at lunch. Seriously. It was the Holy Spirit. God moved today and it was so much fun! The idea for "lunch with the pastor" was something someone in a Facebook group I belong to threw out there as something she does to spend time with parishioners on a regular basis. I found something very appealing about the idea of just hanging out with people … [Read more...]

A Story of Gratitude

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of sitting with one of our home bound members from St. Andrew’s. Orlando is a dear brother who I enjoy listening to. He immigrated from Italy many years ago. His beloved wife died a few years ago after he dutifully cared for her for many years. Orlando grew up in Italy during deeply troubled times of war and hardship. He shared a new story with me when we sat … [Read more...]