How to Get in Touch with the Pastor

One of the logistical issues I've discovered is inherent in pastoring two partnered churches is that sometimes it can be hard for you all to know when and how to get in touch with me. Sometimes, there is a perception that I'm too busy to bother. While it's true I'm usually pretty busy, it's also true that any of my administrative duties, sermon writing, reading, project planning, and session … [Read more...]

Making Peace in the Midst of War and Fear

Friends, As many of you know, I recently spent several weeks in Israel and Palestine meeting with those on the ground who are working for peace and human rights in the midst of war and fear. In my sermon this past week, I referenced a place we went while there. Here is the group’s official blog post about that day we spent at Sindyanna of Galilee. You can read the blog … [Read more...]

Welcoming Everyone Summer Picnic

Welcoming Everyone, a partner organization of St. Andrew’s UP Church, invites you to a Potluck Picnic June 24th 3pm-6pm War Memorial Park, (Sewickley) Shelter 1 Fun for all ages! Families welcome! Please bring a dish to share - beverages are provided. RSVP to: [email protected][Read more...]

Online Bulletins!

Do you like to read your Bible on your phone or tablet? I am a huge fan of the YouVersion Bible app. You can download it here: There is even an app version for kids! This app also makes it possible for us to put events up digitally for those who need bigger print, like to use their digital Bible in church, or just want to save some trees. Check out this week's … [Read more...]