Rwanda: Day 8

I realize I’m several days behind on blog posts. The second week of the trip was full and busy. I will continue to post a blog post for each day of the trip, but they will be less prompt.  Monday, we spent most of the day on a bumpy bus traveling from Butare to Kibuye, which is on Lake Kivu. If you’re wondering how bumpy “bumpy” is, my Apple Watch logged over 13,000 steps (more than 5 miles of … [Read more...]

Rwanda Day 3

Bible Study In Bible study, we talked today about Genesis 37:25-36. This is the second part of the narrative in which Joseph’s brothers sell him. In the Rwandan genocide, many church leaders remained quiet and some even revealed the locations of their Tutsi congregants to those seeking to murder them. This morning, we reflected on how Joseph’s brothers literally sold him and considered if the … [Read more...]

Rwanda: day 1

Lamentations 3:19–22 (ESV):  19  Remember my affliction and my wanderings,  the wormwood and the gall!   20  My soul continually remembers it  and is bowed down within me.   21  But this I call to mind,  and therefore I have hope:   22  The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;  his mercies never come to an end; Arrival After a day of long, but uneventful travel, … [Read more...]

Safe in Kigali

We made it! We will begin proper blog updates tomorrow. Stay tuned! … [Read more...]