Peacemaking Study Trips 2020

As we continue our focus on mission over the next few weeks and pray for the Rwanda team in the last weeks of preparation for the trip, I encourage everyone to prayerfully consider joining us for one of the following travel study seminars. These are not the mission trips you remember of your youth where you volunteered at a VBS or built a house. These are trips centered on learning from people … [Read more...]

Rwanda Team Introduction

Friends, we’re so excited to be starting our preparations for the Rwanda trip! There are three of us total attending this travel study seminar: myself (Pastor Charissa), Elder Tom Smart from Emsworth, and Elder Martha Markivich from St. Andrew’s. We will leave on Sunday, March 10th at 4pm and Martha and Tom get back at the end of the seminar on March 22nd. I will be staying on another two weeks. … [Read more...]