The What, How, and Whys of the Bible

Have you ever wondered:

  • Who wrote the Bible?
  • Why did they write the Bible?
  • What language was the Bible written in?
  • Who decided what was included and what wasn’t?
  • How can I read the Bible in a way that makes sense today?
  • What difference does it make anyway?

You’re in the right place!

Anyone and everyone is invited to join us as we learn together. If you don’t know anything at all about the Bible, this is your chance to start! If you think you know everything about the Bible, we challenge you to discover something new about it! If you’re somewhere in between, come on over and experience the life-changing story of the Bible again. Spread the word! Invite your friends and family and neighbors.


Starts September 13

Meets Wednesdays at 7PM

Through December 13

At Emsworth Presbyterian Church, 73 Hiland Ave, Emsworth, PA 15202


Email or call Pastor Charissa Howe at: [email protected] or call 412.219.2503

Sponsored by:

Emsworth Presbyterian Church:

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church:

Date(s) - Dec 13, 2017
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Emsworth United Presbyterian Church