How to Get in Touch with the Pastor

One of the logistical issues I’ve discovered is inherent in pastoring two partnered churches is that sometimes it can be hard for you all to know when and how to get in touch with me. Sometimes, there is a perception that I’m too busy to bother.

While it’s true I’m usually pretty busy, it’s also true that any of my administrative duties, sermon writing, reading, project planning, and session agendas can always be set aside for you. You are always more important than those things.


And if you’re in crisis or emergency, like a death or hospitalization, please don’t ever hesitate to call me.

Here are the ways you can get in touch with me if you need to talk, want to hang out, or have another concern:

  • Drop in while I’m in the office. I purposefully have one day a week that I’m pretty reliably in a predictable place so that people can find me. I expect interruptions like drop ins and phone calls on those days. You don’t have to feel like you’re going to interrupt something.
    • I’m regularly in the office at EUPC during the day on Tuesdays and at SAUPC on Thursdays.
  • Schedule a time to get together. I am available for scheduled meetings during regular office hours, on weekday evenings, or on Monday or Wednesday during the day. Just because I’m not “usually” in the office during those hours doesn’t mean I never am. Just call and we’ll figure out a time. We can meet at the church, your house, a coffee shop, or more.
  • Come to a “Lunch with the Pastor”. On the first Thursday of each month, I’ll be at Bruegger’s Bagels in Sewickley at 11:30 for lunch.  On the third Tuesday of the month, I’ll be at Sunny Jim’s in Emsworth at 11:30 for lunch. All are welcome to come and have fellowship time, ask questions, talk about life, dream about the future of the church and community, and more.
    • Please note that the August Sunny Jim’s lunch will be held on the fourth Tuesday, not the third. This one is just a fluke because of my family vacation.
  • Call or text me. 
    • Emsworth Church is (412) 766-4238
    • St. Andrew’s is (412) 741-8840.
    • If you are calling outside of office hours or you have an emergency, you can call or text me on the pastoral care phone line at (412) 219-2503. This line is always open and even if I’m unable to answer immediately, the voicemail box is confidential and is monitored regularly. This number also receives text messages.
  •  Email me. [email protected]
    • This is great if you have in depth theological questions or Bible questions that I have to bust out the commentaries for. (Which, for the record, I love to do!)
  • Fill out a pastor contact form on the website. This form is confidential and comes straight to me. You can just let me know something, you can request I call you when I have a chance, put in a confidential prayer request (as opposed to starting a prayer chain), or whatever.

It is my deep desire that you all feel welcomed to get in touch whenever you need a listening ear or a praying friend and confidant. I appreciate each of you more than you can know.


Pastor Charissa

Confidential Pastoral Contact Form