Prayer Prompt

As a congregation, we are entering into a time of prayer and discernment regarding where God wants us to be in the community. Each week, friends and members of the congregation are asked to join us in a specific prayer for the church. Here’s how to pray this week:

What action is our congregation called to in moving beyond “thoughts and prayers”? Specifically, what injustice in the world is it that we are most passionate about as a community?
O God, show us clearly the heart of the Kingdom of GOd. We do not protest even if our life is destined to lead to the cross, or if the way leads to our losing our lives. We will march in the face of distress and contrary winds. Teach us how to dispense with unnecessary things. Let us go forward without fear of death. in order to fulfill our mission simply, surely, and steadily. Reveal to us our station clearly, and strengthen us to teach and guide, by our example, all persons, even those who are ruled by evil. We pray that you may find us worthy to work through us. Amen.
From the Book of Common Worship: Daily Prayer