Rwanda: Day 7

From Elder Martha (St. Andrew’s):

Today’s travels began with an “interesting” bus ride to Cyegera and Kirinda, to visit with women’s craft groups.  I should explain that the bus is a 25 passenger van.  So far, we’ve had 2 flat tires and a roof leak, but it did get us to our next destination.

We met with a group of genocide widows who have formed a craft group.  This is an opportunity to provide emotional support, and a chance to improve their financial situation.
They provided our lunch.  Especially good was the rice, beans, and baby bananas.   We have Fanta soda with every meal.
We were back on the bus to proceed to Lake Kivu.  We backed up several times because the road ahead was impassable.   Our driver was very good at dodging the ditches, crossing wooden log bridges, and giving us a fright when the van tipped toward the ravine.
Up and down the mountains we went, while waving to each village.  The kids loved seeing us, waving and smiling, as we passed.