Equality: Lecture Summary by Mark Shannon

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem visited the city on behalf of the Pittsburgh Speakers Series.  For this event the format was changed from the standard lecture to a discussion between her and host Larry Richert. Before they sat down together she spoke to the audience about what she hoped would happen that night.  She spoke of the recent tragedy in Squirrel Hill and said that this night was one in … [Read more...]

The Memory Thief: Lecture Summary by Mark Shannon

Dr. Lisa Genova came to Heinz Hall prepared to educate those assembled about Alzheimer’s disease.  She is a Harvard-educated neuroscientist and the author of the book “Still Alice” which became a movie of the same name featuring Julianne Moore in an Oscar-winning role. She began by saying that she is a neuroscientist and a novelist—two careers that don’t often go together.  After extensively … [Read more...]